On June 5th, The Advertising Diversity Summit will be hosted at London South Bank University. With a huge line-up of respected speakers, it’s a not-for-profit event aimed at “Collectively Building Momentum to Make Change”

Members of the BALANCE committee will be in attendance, if you are interested in joining them, you can buy tickets here.

Some detail on what to expect:

We know what the problems are, so now let’s talk about the solutions and shift the metrics by understanding the data.

An action-oriented event driven by insight from the most robust census ever undertaken in our industry.

Detailed results of the diversity census will be unveiled at this one-day event designed to put an end to a world of echo chambers and build an evidence-based approach to change.

What will we will discuss:

  • How the Government is Supporting Diversity & Inclusion in the Advertising Industry
  • ROI of Diversity & Inclusion
  • How Advertising is seen by the outside world
  • Making Diversity & Inclusion the Norm

Who should attend:

  • Media Buyers & Planners
  • Creatives
  • Heads of Marketing
  • Account/Business Directors
  • D&I Directors/Heads of Talent
  • Directors of Communications
  • Heads of Insight

How will we do this:

Case Studies | Panel Debates | Workshops | Tool Kits | Buddy Systems | Reports | Action Plans| Follow Up Progress Event

For more information, head here.

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