Brands must adopt the same approach to diversity as they do marketing briefs

We spotted this article by Tanya Joseph, reflecting on the BALANCE panel that she was a part of on the 12th June.

Words: Tanya Joseph

“In order to increase the representation of people from diverse background, brands have got to create the right conditions for diversity to grow. I was on a panel the other day talking about increasing ethnic minority representation in the out-of-home advertising sector, organised by Balance, an initiative supported by OOH specialists and media owners to drive greater diversity. The focus of the discussion was on the workforce rather than representation.

It is a subject about which I am passionate, so not surprisingly I really enjoyed it. I was excited by the level of interest in the subject, both from young people who were just starting their careers in the sector and their senior leaders.

There were a few common themes, none of which were terribly surprising. Reflecting on the discussion a few days later, it occurred to me that we need to adopt the same approach to diversity (in this case ethnic diversity) as we do marketing briefs.

First things first, you need to define the brief. What is the problem you are trying to solve? Is it that you are struggling to recruit people from different backgrounds? Is it a retention problem? Is it a problem throughout the organisation or just at the top? Is it all these and more? My strong advice is that you tackle things in bite-sized chunks; don’t try to boil the ocean.

Read the full article here: 


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