International Women’s Day 2023

By Anna Hunter, OPEN Media. We have made incredible progress as a society over the last century in relation to gender injustice, but we should not forget that sexism remains a huge issue in our society - women experience sexism daily, and misogyny remains hugely deep-rooted in our culture. There is a modern belief that … Continue reading International Women’s Day 2023

Babies and Banners!

MAXIMUS: Parents taking a leading role in the resurgence of Out-of-Home. Becoming a parent comes with its fair share of challenges, add a career on top of that and you’re confronted with a difficult balancing act. The pandemic exacerbated existing issues between parenting and the working day, which caused a sharp increase in parents leaving … Continue reading Babies and Banners!

I’m Not Your Superwoman

By Amy Horton, Chief Product Officer at Talon Outdoor. In the narrative to strive for gender equality, and to promote women’s rightful place in business boardrooms and leadership positions, an unattainable role model of the superwoman seems to have emerged and I don’t think it is helping the sisterhood. If we want more women in … Continue reading I’m Not Your Superwoman