International Women’s Day 2023

By Anna Hunter, OPEN Media. We have made incredible progress as a society over the last century in relation to gender injustice, but we should not forget that sexism remains a huge issue in our society - women experience sexism daily, and misogyny remains hugely deep-rooted in our culture. There is a modern belief that … Continue reading International Women’s Day 2023

Babies and Banners!

MAXIMUS: Parents taking a leading role in the resurgence of Out-of-Home. Becoming a parent comes with its fair share of challenges, add a career on top of that and you’re confronted with a difficult balancing act. The pandemic exacerbated existing issues between parenting and the working day, which caused a sharp increase in parents leaving … Continue reading Babies and Banners!

The Art of Diversity

By Thanh Catachanas, Head of Collaboration & Acquisition at JCDecaux 2020 was the year of forced behavioural change.   As a result of the pandemic I, like so many others, refrained from hugging my nearest and dearest, stayed at home, home-schooled my children and swapped nights out for nights in with my extended family over a … Continue reading The Art of Diversity

Why Diversity & Inclusion Needs Personal Responsibility from Senior Leaders

By Amy Horton, Chief Product Officer, Talon Outdoor. Today, everyone agrees that a balanced workplace and diversity at industry events are important. But diversity is not just the responsibility of those who are themselves diverse. In Out of Home, more work needs to be done to address the imbalance of diversity at a senior level. … Continue reading Why Diversity & Inclusion Needs Personal Responsibility from Senior Leaders

The Crisis Within a Crisis 

By Cheryl Crilley, Business Director, Kinetic WW. Like many people, over the last month I’ve watched the news with absolute horror to see Ukrainians have their homes and cities destroyed, families separated, people seeking shelter in underground bunkers. As of March 30th, more than 10 million have fled their homes and thousands of innocent people … Continue reading The Crisis Within a Crisis