Reflections on the Sarah Everard Case: A Message to Men

By Dan Sutton Whilst writing this piece I discovered a horrifying statistic: according to the Missing People charity one person goes missing every 90 seconds around the UK. Social media has enabled news to break faster than ever, but as we become inundated with content it becomes harder to keep track of stories. But the … Continue reading Reflections on the Sarah Everard Case: A Message to Men

I’m Not Your Superwoman

By Amy Horton, Chief Product Officer at Talon Outdoor. In the narrative to strive for gender equality, and to promote women’s rightful place in business boardrooms and leadership positions, an unattainable role model of the superwoman seems to have emerged and I don’t think it is helping the sisterhood. If we want more women in … Continue reading I’m Not Your Superwoman

BloomFest 2019

Words: Katherine Ashmore Last week, I had the privilege of attending Bloom’s annual conference, BloomFest, a day which has become a highlight in the events calendar for so many. As part of the 2019 leadership team, I was on hand to welcome over 250 guests and look after some of the awe-inspiring speakers who set … Continue reading BloomFest 2019